Friday, November 05, 2004

Things that fall into the I Couldn't Make This Stuff Up If I Tried category:

  • I was watching the news last night and there was this video clip showing a Taiwanese man who entered the lion pit of some zoo. No, he wasn't a keeper for the zoo nor was he suicidal. You want to know what he wanted to do with the lions? He wanted to convert them into Christianity. I am so NOT kidding. He's still whole, but the lions sort of swatted at him and nipped at his arm.

    The zookeepers said that it was a good thing the lions already ate.
    I say, malas.

  • Front page on todays PDI - Moral Values Won The Vote.
    Ex-fucking-cuse me?
    The man was endorsed by the KKK.

    Jelica and I were talking about who we would vote for if we were Americans.
    Bush, Kerry or Nader.

    We said we'd vote for GMA.


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