Monday, April 12, 2004

All the guys I've ever liked (AND never liked me in return - I have to put that disclaimer in there) have terrible, horrible, deplorable taste in women. I swear to God (HAPPY EASTER!!!). The kind that makes you want to bathe in holy water.

Their relationships always start with the usual "I love her so much / she's my best friend / she's my angel / I-want-you-I-need-you-oh-baby-oh-baby" BS, but then a few months later. pfft. They break up. It's true. And then the girl ends up showing her true colors. I do my little happy dance because I'm vindicated, and then I want to hunt down the guy and walk up and down his street wearing a shirt with I TOLD YOU SO printed on it.


My point is, if you've ever believed yourself to be one of the guys I'm mooning over and you've never paid ME any attention, leave your name and address in the comment thingy below so I can wear my special shirt when I come up and meet you.

Revenge is best served with a sense of humor.


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