Sunday, March 21, 2004

Meron ba ditong may alam kung nasaan yung vegetarian restaurant na nasa isa don sa mga Scout streets? Nakakasawa nang kumain ng karne e. Hindi naman nagbabago ang lasa.


Pauline, for whatever it's worth, I love you.

Nicked off Camden:
*which I will answer in full later because I'm restless.

The Idea and The Rules
* 21 categories exist.
* Choose a song for each one.
* Each song must be by a different artist.
* You may opt to alter the wording of one category. The new category must be somehow related to the old one.
* For an added challenge, make the total playing time of your mix under 80 minutes.
* This odd assortment of tunes will create a "Frankenstein mix."
Choose a song...
1. from the last CD you purchased - Oceano, from Joshie's Closer
2. labeled blues or "the blues"
3. that gets you going in the morning - Hot Fudge
4. that's romantic -
5. that's one of the first you remember hearing
6. you discovered from a film
7. from your favorite band or artist
8. from a band or artist that you don't really like except for this song
9. that's a lullabye
10. that makes you laugh
11. that's a really good cover version
12. that reminds you of school days
13. from an artist that you are embarrassed to admit you like
14. that's FUNKY!
15. for those quiet rainy nights
16. that no matter when you hear it, it makes you feel good
17. with the word "Look" in the title
18. from a member of the Dead Rocker's Society
19. that is your favorite from Elvis
20. randomly, that you feel fits
21. by or about Johnny Cash/that gives you that old country feeling


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