Thursday, March 18, 2004

I just got this book, Letters From A Nut, written by a man named Ted L. Nancy.

One of the letters in the book go:

Dear Nordstron Dept Stores,

I am a regular shopper at your Nordstrom store in Glendale. In the last few weeks I have noticed that a new mannequin you have out in the store looks just like my deceased neighbor...It looks like the neighbor I was friendly with.

...Is it possible to buy this mannequin (after its use) so I may present it to my neighbor's family? They would think this would be a VERY sentimental gesture. I think his co-workers would also like to have him remembered, so having him "there" would be good, therapeutic behavior for all.

...Thank you, Nordstrom, for being a store that cares about its customers. I am a long time shopper. I keep lots of things in your Nordstrom bags. Fishing gear, etc. I have a garage full of Nordstrom bags full of old shoes, wire hangers, etc. That's how I know i've been to your store so much. Let me know about the mannequin. This family is in some need of good loving. This will help!

Ted L. Nancy

I want to meet this guy.


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