Friday, February 06, 2004

New addictions:

1.American Idol
I saw the first episode (we get them later than you, my American friends) last night on Star TV. Good thing it came after the Robbie Williams: Live in Knebworth special on Myx, because I would not have missed it for the world. I could not believe the guts (gall?) of some of the people auditioning. If THEY can SING, then I can sing. And most days I sound like a drowning cat.

I actually saw World Idol before I got to see American Idol (I was rooting for Kurt Nilsen and Will Young), and loved that. And I think it won't be long before the Philiipines makes Pinoy Idol (or something), kasi Joshko, kelan ba tayo nagpatalo sa kantahan? Actually, they should just bring the show here and my next door neighbor would blow the judges away. I swear to God.

2.Te Amo
Yeah yeah yeah. I'm cheesy. I admit it. But Iza Calzado is just lovely and PERNANDO is charming. Nevermind that all they seem to do is scream a lot.

And CSI is coming back next week! Wheeeee!

p.s. There's a Filipina in this years batch of American Idol contestants, Camille Velasco. Another reason for us to get a franchise. Paging Mr. Lopez!!!!


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