Thursday, January 15, 2004

We weren't the closest growing up, my cousin and I. We shared a crib, but that was because my mom and his mom suddenly decided that they needed each other through their pregnancies (my mom's first, my tita's third). Tess (mommy) and Cecilia (his mom) spent a lot of time in the same house after the births (mine in September, his in October) so we were alternatly dumped in each other's cribs. According to my Child Psych professor (Prof. Claravall, Yale must be lurving you), children have no memories before the age of three so I don't have any recollection of how we related to each other. Although the mommies would frequently retell stories of how I bullied him because I was the bigger baby (size-wise then - he's about 6'2" now, I'm still a midget).

My sister and I are the only females born into our generation (first cousins-wise) but unlike her, I never hung our with my male cousins. I couldn't be as "rough" as them and I decided that having bruises and cuts didn't exactly endear me to my father's nerves. Pre-puberty and the teen years were painful as you can surmise.

OK, so we're still not close. I haven't spoken with him for over 2 years. I get news of how he is from his mom and from his brothers, but from him? pffft.

So why, then, should I be bothered about the news that he has an almost year-old-child? That I have 2 almost one-year-old nieces? I feel like this invalidates me further than I already am.

P.S. I'm also worried that this further reinstates everyone's supposition that we're turning out to become the "normal" ones; the "good" children. Because I'm not entirely sure that it's a good thing.


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