Friday, January 30, 2004

If you're ever in a funk again - you know, underappreciated, unloved - go here and validate your existence. External validation is a good thing, regardless of what anyone tells you.

According to them, September (my birthday month) is:

ADHD Month - explains a lot.
Be Kind To Editors and Writers Month - kitam?
Hug a Texas Chef Month - Tyler Florence is from where?
International Gay Square Dancing Month
Library Card Sign-up Month
- haha!! i have a reason to taunt people who don't own library cards!
National Humor in Business Month - the business I'm involved with is humorous, alright.
National Rice Month - reason why I can never do Atkins.
Pleasure Your Mate Month - Orayt!!!!
Subliminal Marketing Month

September is a great month :)


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