Wednesday, December 03, 2003

I got myself and LJ and finally got around to fiddling with it. It's still what the hell is that?!?!? color and layout-wise, but I'll get to fixing it eventually.

In the process of fiddling, I found the most hysterical rpg LJs ever. I pointed them out to Roxanna Banana and she said that they were "signs". She's nuttier than a fruitcake, my best friend. She's also leaving on the 12th, which means I'll be alone come Christmas. I have other friends, but Roxy's fun to be around during the Holidays. It's almost tradition that she calls me up to report that her dad blew another electrical fuse because of all the decorations he wants to put up. hee! But, sadly, none of that this year. If you live anywhere near LA, I expect you to welcome her at the airport bearing banners.

Speaking of flights, my boss and two other colleagues are leaving for Iloilo and Bacolod over the weekend. (Butterscotch bars!!!! Death by butterscotch bars - saya!) That means I'll have to hold down the fort for the Telethon on Sunday. And I haven't been briefed yet. whee!

Oh, and I already have a New Year's resolution. I promise no to curse as often. My mouth is a cesspool and I'm getting fecking tired of it.

See what I mean?


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