Monday, November 10, 2003

Today could just turn out to be the one day out of the rest of my mortal life where everything's peachy. Yep, you heard me right: peachy.

Woke up with a song in my head. I was singing to it in my dream but the second I opened my eyes, it was gone. I didn't want to ask my sister about it again, lest the Great Phone Number Mystery repeats itself. The melody is still swimming around in my head, so now I feel like Ally McBeal: with a soundtrack all my own.

Speaking of my sister, her team lost in the AXN Challenge. Turns out she got heatstroke, fainted on her bike, fell, lost consciousness for a few seconds and woke up with her right side covered in bruises and scrapes. She's ok now, but my mother's nerves still aren't. My father is still in blissful ignorance about the entire thing - what he doesn't know will keep him happy.

I confirmed this morning that HunnyBunny will be nowhere near oxygen-sharing distance in the near future. You thought I'd be gutted didn't you? Nah-ah. I LOVE the fact the he won't be coming over.

*I got that from Yam.*

Two new crushes, both from watching TV yesterday. Stuart Townsend and James Caviezel. I see a trend. Agnes, can you see it too?


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