Wednesday, November 19, 2003

The problem with getting depressed is that it's a downhill slide.

So, people knew that I was in a funk. That's downhill curve number one. I still haven't snapped out of it, and that's ok. Work provides excellent distraction, plus I'm in the middle of 2 projects that will keep me pretty busy. Deadlines are a bitch, but they're goals and hitting a goal makes me feel oh-so-very-grown-up - not to mention virtuous - so I like having them. *Note to self: speak to "Bug" about project.*

But just because you have distractions to keep you busy, it doesn't follow that the world is distracted from hurling more crush-you-alive moments. My disasters come in multiples of three. And the funny thing is, I can't bring myself to talk about it because everyone (without exception) will be thinking: "What? You're still mooning over ____?". That's said with either a very condescending tone or a snicker.

The snickering I can take, because it is hilarious (most disasters are); it's the condescension that's insulting. Parang, people believe that I can't feel anything independent of the intital curve ball. *What's the english equivalent of "parang"? The closest I came was "it's like..."*

And I hope you guys appreciate that it took me an hour to put this all down because I was too afraid of rambling. I'm daunted by my own blog ... how very unlike me. And now that I read through it, I realize I didn't ramble at all, but the entire thing seems lacking. Oh well. So is my life.


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