Wednesday, October 22, 2003

When your parents tell you to turn off the television because it's going to turn your brain to hummus, BELIEVE THEM. Grab a book, magazine, encyclopedia, pamphlet, brochure (whatever printed material you have) and sit down for 15 minutes and read. Absorb the words and let your imagination take over. I think this will be especially successful with Harold Robbins' work.

I just came from the offices of EMI in Greenhills where I spent 5 whole hours dubbing music videos. My brain is fried and Robbie's Rock DJ is replaying itself over and over in my head. I saw the uncensored version for the first time today....*shudder* Robbie, honey, I love you but...that was a bit graphic. Beauty isn't skin deep, but you didn't have to PROVE it.

I'm turning into a condescending adult, aren't I?

[in my ears] some Smash Mouth song


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