Wednesday, October 29, 2003

What Makes You Sexy? by eva71
Sexy Body Part IsYour Boobs
Special Talents AreEverything (Multi-talented)
Created with quill18's MemeGen!

You have no idea how hysterical this is to me. Well, if you're my friend, then maybe you know.

Wahahahaha! ROFLMAO.

Before anything else...

Does anyone know a place where I can upload an mp3 file so I can put up a link that when I click on, everyone gets to hear whatever it is that's behind it? Or does anyone know of somewhere that has *the mp3 file* already linked? Thanks.

Back to your regularly scheduled me.

There's this song I listen to whenever I miss my friends. Which is strange because the song has nothing to do with friendship. I would put up the lyrics here, but then I realized that if you read it without listening to the song, it's actually quite sappy.

So unless I get some answers about the thing *up there*, Out Of My League will remain on my PC forever.

[in my ears] Real - Plumb


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