Friday, September 19, 2003

My plans for this month included going to my cousin's wedding (thus conveniently forgetting my birthday) in San Antonio, TX where my friend Erik also lives. He had this whole itinerary (sp?) planned.

Unfortunately, so does my job.
So here I am, working.
Did I tell you that I'll probably be here until 1am tomorrow?
Although my boss does know that I'll be ditching work to go to the mall later. Anyone want to go with me? I'm buying shoes. And a rose quartz bracelet.

And speaking of gifts, I'm putting together an I'm-Sorry-I-Screwed-Up-Your-Plans package for Erik. What's inside, you ask? Take a look:
* Cynthia Alexander CD
* the Silence CD they're selling at mag:net
* incense (because candles melt)
* glow in the dark stars
any more suggestions? I can't send food, so bagoong is out of the picture. *ha*

[in my ears] Love Doesn't Have To Hurt - Atomic Kitten


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