Tuesday, September 09, 2003

It's a sad, tragic thing, denying your nature. *nods* It really is.

When I was doing my undergraduate thesis (The Matching Process in the Local Adoption Program of the Department of Social Welfare and Development - gulat kayo ano?), I realized that I wasn't a technical writer. A realization that never really bothered me before because I never thought I would need technical writing/editing skills; I wasn't sure that it was legal (read:ethical) to hire someone who was, so I made my best friend read through every revision my thesis mentor asked me to make (and there were a lot, but I got rid of that headache by changing mentors *hee*). Being undeniably fair, she made me read through hers too (Alternative Practices in Modern Medicine). Her first revision made the cut. I think my first revision made my initial mentor (Prof. Argonza), want to go to another continent far, far away from me.

I rambled again. Back to my (non-existent) technical writing skills.

I belong to the "From the Gut School of Writing." Put down what you feel; what you think NOW before it escapes you again thus preventing countless nights of you smacking yourself on the forehead while calling yourself stupid. And it seems that I am the only remaining old-timer on campus. Everyone is matriculating somewhere else. *sigh*

Do be patient with what you read here, ok? I am trying.

[in my ears] If I Am - Nine Days


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