Wednesday, September 03, 2003

I am listening (eavesdropping?) to JecK's collection of downloaded Pearl Jam songs. As I type, the last bits of "Jeremy" are being wailed into my ear by the luscious (nothing's better than a sweaty) Eddie Vedder, and at the same time I am sort of wishing I was back in high school. I hated that place, but I miss the afternoons spent in the Physics lab with Kiara, Dash and Gan.

Michael Buble's coming to town this month. woot! I get to see him and decide if he really does look creepy when he smiles firsthand. The presscon will be on a Thursday afternoon though, and all my Thursdays are booked until next month (you guessed it, UAAP Central), but I asked Jovan about it and he was okay with me attending as long as I get back with enough time to check all the stuff that needs to be checked. No probbers. And it's a good, solid excuse to bail on Marco at the Cheeky (Cheapy) Girls press thingie that comes after: "I can't go to the Cheapy Girls, papatayin ako sa opisina pag wala ako don ng maaga!" hehehe...

Kim started this excellent community on AML. When I get her nod to promote it, I'll point you guys over there. Speaking of AML, I have four accounts with them. hehehe. That brings my blog total to 1 Blogspot, 2 Blurty, 1 Diaryland and 4 AMLs. Saya.

There's a plagiarist in these here parts. Check her out and go see if she's pulled a Napster on you.

[in my ears] I Alone - Live


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