Tuesday, August 19, 2003

It's a holiday in fair QC today. Which means a holiday for the working folk - all but US that us. I don't mind, I need to get a head start on some things anyway. *shrugs*

Michael Buble (accent on the "e", please) is coming town and the ticket prices made my jaw drop. $95!!!!! For that kind of money he'd better be singing to ME alone. Considering the fact that he isn't really that popular here, I shudder to think about how much tickets to my Josh Groban's concert will cost. Oh well, I'll be sure to go to the press conference anyway, so I guess I'll have him sign my CD there.

I am making a conscious effort to be a fan of someone. I want to be a big fan of someone so I won't be so dismissive of others. The last time was when I was 13 and the OoD was NKOTB - and we all know what happened to them, don't we?

[in my ears] Change the World - Eric Clapton


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