Thursday, August 14, 2003

It's been a pretty tense few days for me here at work. Nobody's breathing down my neck or anything like that, it's because I'm included in the team that produces a live cable talk show about the UAAP. It's a group effort and the people I'm with are very capable and very knowledgable about how to put together these kinds of shows. But see, I know nothing about it. Nada. Nothing. Zero. Zilch. Wala. There was a meeting at the beginning of this week, and I basically sat there with big eyes and a slack jaw. I took notes, but at that time, nothing was sinking in. Everyone was calm, and confident. I needed to jumpstart my brain after a few minutes. Also, since Jovan is on leave (wish him well, guys. He deserves it), he also put me in charge of a few things which I never thought I would be doing. Again, nothing heavy, but enough to put an inexperienced doof like me through loops trying to get everything in order. He's been extremely supportive and kept telling me to "be calm. Don't be tense. Enjoy the entire experience." I don't know about you, but I get uneasy when someone tells me things like that.

But then, I got an IM from Anna (",) a few minutes ago and she asked how many hours I spend in the office. I told her that I worked around 10 hours a day, more or less. She said that it was a pretty fair time, but then told me that I should be careful as "work is addictive around these parts". I had to smile at the last bit, because I knew what she meant.

She also sent me an e-mail about trying to establish a healthy balance between work and your life:

... encourage people to put some balance in their lives. For instance, here is a guideline I find helpful:
1) Wake up, eat a good breakfast, and go to work.
2) Work hard and smart for eight or nine hours.
3) Go home.
4) Read the books/comics, watch a funny movie, dig in the dirt, play with your kids, etc.
5) Eat well and sleep well.

...Love your job, but don't fall in love with the company.

I feel much better now.

[in my ears] Full of Grace - Sarah McLachlan


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