Saturday, July 19, 2003

Want to know what I'm reading now? The Biomechanical Basis of Movement. My sister's textbook, but I kidnapped it and now it's on my bedside table.
It's a pretty fun book to read actually. I found myself flexing my toes and fingers trying to feel the muscle movement.

Other WTF?!?! books that have found their way into my bookshelves:
* Greatest Political Theories, Vol 1 & 2
* Cracks In The Parchment Curtain
* Barangay
* The Complete Plays of Sophocles (Antigone is my heroine. She was a hoot, but you have to admire chutzpah)
* several editions of Introduction to Psychology
* Theories of Personality

As long as I'm not going to be asked about them or graded on what they're about, I'll read anything.

[in my head] yes, i still do....
[in my ears] putrid afternoon tv show


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