Thursday, July 03, 2003

I tripped 8 times in the span of 60 minutes on my way to the office. At one of those times, I think I may have actually looked like I was trying out for the Icecapades. I did a sort of triple lutz, then an awkward arabesque and finished it off with a modified split. And I tripped over my own feet twice when I was already inside ELJ (the building where I work): once going inside the elevators, another while sliding my butt into my seat. That has got to be a record; I'm not usually so ungainly. I actually have perfect coordination and hardly ever bump into things that are clearly in my way. I wonder what is it with today that I'm so klutzy.

Lutz na may "K" = Klutz. Klutz = me.

Oh and may I add that a classy education does not produce an equivalently classy individual. Also, that being an artist (quote, unqoute) does not give *you* the license to act like an asshole. *You* do that perfectly well on *your* own.

[in my head] Congratulations, Max! 1500++ on your SATs - no mean feat.
[in my ears] Meteor Garden dialogue


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