Saturday, July 26, 2003

Episodes of Pure Torture pala ha!
If you're a rabid SS fan, don't read Mon Castro's review of the Duncan Sheik concert.

The godess once said that the beauty of democracy is that "everyone is entitled to his own opinion. No matter how moronic." True. And that the only way we would know if democracy actually works is if someone whose opinions are totally different from yours, is allowed to express them without fear of retribution. This is the PI, we have democracy coming out of our ears. We threw out 2 presidents we didn't like because of democracy. It really wouldn't be too much of a stretch to claim that we are the most democratic country in the cosmos.

I digress, back to my regularly scheduled spleen cleaning.

But see, to put down other people; to tell them that they are inferior because of how they dress, or because they enjoy mainstream, bubblegum-my, mushy, and evidently, not-your-type music is just sad. Making it sound like it's wrong to flow with the middle while revelling (?) in your freakishness is not very democratic - it's bigotry. Starting something with a disclaimer ("I'm not putting you down, ha? But....") does nothing for people's egos. It's fecking shallow. I reserve my choicest invectives for you...

I'm not criticizing you, ha? That's just my opinion.

Sarcasm is embedded in my DNA.

[in my ears] Stacy Orrico on MTV


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