Tuesday, July 01, 2003

A bit lethargic tonight. I think I used up all my party cells.
How are you? How's your tuesday shaping up?

I got my first taste of how it is to upload the files to the website. Not that hard; easier than I expected. I took notes, but I don't know how useful they're going to be when the ojt killer is peeking over my shoulder wondering if I'm doing it right. All I can say about that experience is: Hallelujiah Blogger! Praise you!

You know that Europe vs. Asia pool tourney (Soulmate, tornament) being shown on television? I want passes to that. But the seats are limited (300 in total) and it's first come first serve. I asked an officemate if he would be so kind as to go to the 10th floor tomorrow and ask if there are still passes available. I'm not holding my breath, though. Besides, TV will provide better angles. I think this kind of coping mechanism is called rationalization. Roxy? Tama ba?

Bought a new writing implement. It's pretty. Pink. My first pink writing thingie ever.

[in my head] thank you for the fries
[in my ears] magazine show on cable


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