Friday, June 13, 2003

This is the slideshow-ey version of this.

You know what guys? This forgiveness thing sucks.
It's screwy.
It's effing complicated.
I sometimes wish I could just bear grudges forever.

Roxy gets mad at me because I lose steam in the middle of my tirades and leave her with her anger.
Some best friend I am, huh?
I did that with Karl and with Jork (that isn't his real name, by the way).
Both hurt me immensely, which of course made me bawl for nights on end to the ever-patient Roxanna Banana.
She bore it all quietly.
And then one day I lost steam.

I love this photo. If I ever learn enough HTML, I'm making a layout with this image.
Thank you, Getty Images for this .

Things I want:

* a Segway Human Transporter
* this, this, this, this, this, this, this, this. I'm going to stop at that because my shoe list could go on forever. Imelda Marcos is pinay and so am I. Except I am not Imeldific.
* Dr. Bruno Bettleheim's The Uses of Enchantment
* and just someone to hug me from behind when I'm sleeping

Things to do before 30 hits:

* base jump
* learn how to hot wire a car
* learn how to build a house
* write in sanskrit and thai
* go to Cambodia
* travel to Batanes, Banaue and Camiguin and not follow the tourist trail.
* sit down for one afternoon in front of the Spoliarium
* learn how to draw
* learn to play the guitar
* watch Grease and not cringe

[in my ears] i hate you! and your little dog, too!
[in me ears] Change the World by Eric Clapton


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