Wednesday, June 18, 2003

Me: Hey. Guess what?
You: What?
Me: You know how I was near freaking-point the other day because I was going to get fired?
You: uuuh...no. But go ahead.
Me: Well, guess what?
You: WHAT?
Me: I sort of got a promotion instead.
You: Sort of?
Me: Well, I get to do something else and....
You: That's iffy.
Me: I know.
You: Congratulations.
Me: Thanks....Oh, and guess what?
You: WHAT???? For heavens' sake what?!?!?!
Me: I won on a bid I put on a Calvin and Hobbes book.
You: That's excellent! Let's celebrate that.
Me: Yeah. Let's go.

Tricia - ay lab yu. jologs....heheheh

If you're planning to come over to where I live, you need to know this. It'll help you make friends.

[in my head] a million and one questions
[in my ears] Back to You by John Mayer


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