Saturday, June 21, 2003

Josh's hands.


Now all I need to see is his batok.

ethel_ethel_ethel: omg! where did you get that pic of his hands?!?!?!
thursdayschildtoo: www.joshgroban.com
ethel_ethel_ethel: pero ang saya saya ng site ni josh ha... naglagay talaga sila ng pic ng kamay nya!
thursdayschildtoo: korek!!!! maganda naman kasi e...
thursdayschildtoo: he is like the perfect guy
thursdayschildtoo: matalino,
thursdayschildtoo: mabait,
thursdayschildtoo: gwapo,
thursdayschildtoo: maganda boses (duh)
thursdayschildtoo: magalang
thursdayschildtoo: kaya lang bata
ethel_ethel_ethel: gahd! i wanted to melt when he played the piano!!!
ethel_ethel_ethel: tapos he plays drums din pala.... arrrghhh.....
thursdayschildtoo: i remember our josh-night texting
ethel_ethel_ethel: hahaha!!!
thursdayschildtoo: kinikilig ako when i remember him in the burgundy shirt
thursdayschildtoo: i'm going to kill his girlfriend, i swear
ethel_ethel_ethel: but he's soooo worthy of being texted about at night!
thursdayschildtoo: i know....grabehan
ethel_ethel_ethel: WHAAAATTT???? meron shang gf?!?!?!! sino sha????
thursdayschildtoo: can you imaging him singing you to sleep every night? *swoon*
thursdayschildtoo: oo meron shang gf.....hindi ako
thursdayschildtoo: my bff's tita had lunch in the same restaurant as him once (the curls were real daw) and he was his family and the gf
ethel_ethel_ethel: arrrrrrgghhhhh...... ill help you get rid of the girl!!!! eeeeeekkkk, im actually pissed off at the girl even if i dunno her!!!
thursdayschildtoo: mismo
ethel_ethel_ethel: hahaha... weeeell, i guess normal behavior goes down the drain when the topic is josh groban! hahaha
thursdayschildtoo: i hate her.
thursdayschildtoo: korek. everyone loses all their sensible faculties....he brings out the cave-woman in the fairer sex
thursdayschildtoo: bwiset
ethel_ethel_ethel: darn.... she gets to hear him sing to her.... she gets to hold that beautiful set of hands.... I WANNA CRY!!!
thursdayschildtoo: ako rin
thursdayschildtoo: but first, i'm going to tear out her hair
ethel_ethel_ethel: and she probably runs her fingers through his curly hair!!!
ethel_ethel_ethel: arrrrrghhhh....
thursdayschildtoo: tama na eth
thursdayschildtoo: utang na loob, TAMA NA!!!!!
ethel_ethel_ethel: onga..... di ko na rin kaya!

[in my head]Ethel, you know who Dave is?
[in my ears] Blame It On The Weatherman by B*witched


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