Monday, June 02, 2003

I was looking for some new templates for my Alter-Blog, when I came across vainpeach designs. This is from her "heartbroken" template.

"This must be something of a surprise. If, that is, this letter gets to you. I remembered your address, of course, but then it suddenly struck me that maybe you had moved and I didn't know and anyway the post round here isn't exactly reliable. So perhaps I am only writing a letter to myself.

Really now that I've started I can't think what it was I wanted to say. I think it was just the act of writing that was important, just to feel as if I was still in contact with things, although I guess a blank piece of paper in an envelope would have seemed a little strange.

I've really no need to ask how things are with you. It all seems to have worked out pretty much as you planned. But still I hope you are both healthy and happy."

It sucks sometimes when someone gives birth to what I'm thinking.

[in my head] a million little men hammering away at my nerve endings - yes, it's migraine monday
[in my ears] One Headlight by Wallflowers


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