Wednesday, June 04, 2003

I had posted someting written by Nels Schifano a couple of blogs back. Point your cursors here and read where it was taken from.

* * * *

Random college memory. When I was a junior in dear old UP working for my BA in Behavioral Studies, I took a course in linguistics. I remember my professor stressing that we should never try to do the "M" sound while inhaling. "That will kill you", she said. We didn't believe her. I'm still going "mmmmmm" while exhaling. But it does get me to thinking, "What if I expire while doing this? Wonder what they're going to put in the obituary? ....she passed away due to extreme curiosity." Which would be better than death by stupidity, I guess.

Oh, and check out my friend Jhie's baby girl, Jhielian Robyn.

Everyone around me is either getting pregnant and giving birth. My sister's friend is six years younger than I am and already she has a baby daughter. I don't know whether to express mild shock or to hurl myself off the nearest rooftop.

[in my head] it's blissfully empty, thank God.
[in my ears] Don't Stop by the Rolling Stones


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