Monday, June 16, 2003

Further proof that the universe is conspiring against me. I never dream about the people I'm crushing on.

Exhibit A
My dream about PatSu's Hunny went like this:

I entered a crowded room and the only chair was the one next to him. I sit next to him and we proceed with the usual banter. I talk to him in Taglish and he seems to understand me (all of this makes sense in my dream). We get so chummy that at one point I ask if I could look through his wallet. He says yes and proceed to take his billfold out.
I look inside and see that there are literally hundreds of photos given to him by fans. HUNDREDS. I recognize some of the people in the photos because they were my classmates in high school. But that wasn't the weird bit. Even in my dream I found it kind of freaky that his wallet was....Little Twin Stars.
I woke up and shouted GET HIM OUT OF MY SUBCONSCIOUS!!!!

Exhibit B
My dream about Pauline's Baby was really boggling:

I was finishing a paper/report but realized that my PC/printer was dead. I went to visit my friend in this really cool blue and silver and gray office and saw that he was there, too. When my friend and I were talking, he came up and said hello and asked what I was doing there. I said I needed to print my paper/report blahblahblah. He said he wished he could help but his PC/printer was being insane also, but said that he had one at his house and that we could go there and he'd finish my paper for me. I said yes (I think my friend kind of faded into the background, but I was confident that it was ok) and off we went to go to his place.
Along the way, I realized that I was pregnant ( ! ), and the shock of this makes me stop in my tracks in the middle of where we were supposed to wait for public transportation. He saves me from the traffic.
Here's the creepy part. For some reason or another, in real-life, Pauline's baby rubs me the wrong way (get your mind out of the gutter!). But in my dream, I was totally kilig.

Mr. Jung? Mr. Einstein? An analysis, please.

[in my head] where the FUCK are the headphones????
[in my ears] dialogue from Tanging Yaman


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