Monday, June 30, 2003

From Cha: You have my permission to tease your boss. Ang umangal...kay Cha sasagot!

Goobyes to the people you care about are always sad, but the memories they leave behind - man, they sustain you through the rough bits. I love my friends.

Oh and another thing (I'm just going to echo another's sentiments here), I don't think I have to beg for anyone to like me. Never believed anyone should do that. Moreover, no one is worth that. I am grateful that I have enough people reading this to justify a blog run (is to blogging as print run is to publishing), but please, don't link me if you're not going to visit. I'd hate to waste your time. Thank you.

[in my head] woo-hoo! my comments thingy is back.
[in my ears] serious noise


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