Friday, June 06, 2003

Duncan Sheik is coming over in a month. It going to be a good show, I think. This guy is pretty cool. I have yet to hear a bad song done by him. The fact that he's eye candy has nothing to do with that pronouncement, I swear.

I will resist going to this show with every fiber of my being, I swear to God

If my boss gets to read this....can I go to the presscon again?

* * * * * * * * *

My best friend, Roxy, and I share a blog. You're welcome to read it if you want. I just won't be adding a permanent link to it here, because I'm not sure she wants me to do that. She's a better writer than I can ever hope to be. Plus she's brainy and funny and ecstatic over the fact that she gained weight which made her suddenly babe-like.

Anyway, we're both obsessed with Survivor 3 - well, actually I'm drooling over Ethan, and I suspect that she seriously wants to be friends with Brandon (The African Queen) - that we kind of keep up with what they've done afterwards. Ethan joined Eco-Challenge Fiji and Brandon dropped off the edge of the earth (or moved to Castro, whichever). She (Roxanna Banana) then pointed me towards Eco-Challenge because she knew I liked Ethan while she did the dance of joy over the fact that Hayden Chirstensen had a team that was competing as well.

(l-r) Hejsa Christensen, Hayden Christensen, Tove Christensen, Bill Trayling.

Roxy's right, Tove looks like Michael Vartan. The family's a big bunch of sports nuts, but get this - Hesja pulled them out for some reason. But hey, competing in Eco-challenge prepared him for this side of the world and we're convinces that nothing can faze them anymore. Watch out, PI, Roxy's plotting something big.

I'm going to try to install Blog Amp without much luck. Have I ever mentioned that I'm cyber-stupid? And I work for the interactive department of ABS-CBN. Not exactly a ringing endorsement, huh?

This entry made no sense whatsoever.

[in my head] *burp*
[in my ears] The Prayer by Charlotte Church & Josh Groban


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