Saturday, May 10, 2003

This story made my skin crawl when I first read it. Because it was caused by sheer kayabangan and another reason is because my sister could have easily been in that accident.

A few days (or maybe weeks) after the incident, this was posted on the UP Diliman website.

What appalls me is the las paragraph:
Richard Ong's parents want to correct the rumors that they are an affluent family; that they have relatives in the police or military and that they intend to send their son abroad to escape responsibility. Both parents work in middle management of two local banks. The BMW is registered in the name of Atty. Ma. Leichelle Bonifacio, a cousin of Richard Ong. According to the mother, at the time of the incident the brother of the registered owner, Dick Kenneth Soriano, only let Richard Ong at the wheel. None of their children has their own cars. The cars driven by the parents are registered in the name of the banks under a car plan scheme. The mother had to raise money from relatives and buy off her car from the bank in order to sell it a day before Gwen Puyat and Meryl Antonio were discharged from St. Luke's so she could pay the 50% cash required by the hospital. The hospital refused to give them a discount for the little less than P800,000.00-bill because of the rumor that "General ang ama ng nakabanga."

Am I supposed to be comforted by those facts? That they weren't given a discount? That they had to sell their cars? That Richard Ong's family wasn't wealthy and was only from a middle-class family?


Your son is a murderer.

And what I find really disgusting is the fact that Mr. Ong's family will be able to bounce back from this, primarily because they have the means to. Resources will be available to them, and even if he serves the maximum jail time, he will be out in just six years.

Precious' family will have to live not only without her presence, but also without the hope her UP education would have afforded for them.

Tell me, dapat ba akong maawa?


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