Sunday, May 18, 2003

I've received e-mails from non-Pinoy folk who read my blog and ask who Jessica Zafra is. I told them that she's a Filipino writer. And they ask for where they can find her work. I tell them to go to google and ask, because google knows everything. They're tamad, so for their benefit and for my sanity, may I redirect you to here. It's not the official site, I think that was taken down already. But there are samples of her work there. I especially like The Daze of Whine and Neuroses.

Oh and I came across Jay's blog quite by accident. His blog is called "kwentong tambay" and as soon as I can find my brain, I'm going to translate that into english. It's fun; he's a good writer and his entires make me want to write entries only in tagalog. Pero nakakatakot ako magsulat sa tagalog e. Baka ikahiya pa ako ng tatay ko. Jay's a Filipino living in Singapore and can relate to most of what he says. Especially the stories about the train experices in the morning and the missing "R". Does this mean I want to go back and live in Singapore? Hell no.


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