Thursday, May 29, 2003

I love Roxy because:

* I was the first one she called after she found out she got that jaw-dropping NMAT score.
* she calls Jork just to tell me he sounds like Chewbacca first thing in the morning.
* she has never told me that my ideas were stupid and worthless, even when I know that they are.
* she's always on my side.
* she makes her brother play You're Still You on the piano and calls me up to make me listen to him play it, because she knows I love the song.
* when she was studying for the NMAT, she didn't mind that I'd call her in the middle of the night to talk about nothing.

Everyone should have a best friend like her - one who won't mind that your stupid ideas are likely murderous, and who'll put down reviewers for biochemistry because you're on the phone and want to talk about nothing.

And I love my brother because he tried to fix the straps of my flipflops when they broke in the supermarket yesterday. And when they saw that they were beyond mending, he took off his sneakers for me to wear and went off IN HIS SOCKS to get me a new pair of flipflops so I wouldn't look funny.

[in my head] life is good. you should get one.
[in my ears] So Help Me Girl by Gary Barlow


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