Saturday, May 17, 2003

I had a three-hour lunch with tita Cecile and Monique yesterday at Cravings in Katipunan and felt very continental. I always thought that extremely long lunches were only for the French and Spanish - and then I had one yesterday and just felt glorious. The food was excellent (Cravings had a sun dried tomato-basil-onion-garlic-olive oil spread that was just heavenly), the company was perfect, the conversation was heavenly and the air-conditioning was bliss. I've heard people say that the ultimate perfect experience was a day of pampering at the spa, but I beg to differ. Spend a loooong lunch with 2 people who just float your boat and feel all the tension and worries melt away.

After that lunch, it was off to the mall because my tita had errands to run. I ended up at the "unmentionables" section of SM and picked out a load of new knickers. I told Tricia how many pairs I bought and she couldn't believe it. Neither can I actually, but ladies, agree with me when I say that part of the fun of being female is that our undergarments are much, MUCH more interesting than those of the male species.

The day was topped off perfectly by the moon last night. Did anyone notice it? The moon was unusually bright last night. Midnight looked like it was nearer to daybreak. I had an espcially good view, because at this time of the year, the moon drapes herself directly over my bedroom window. If I were still practicing, I would say that last night would have been the perfect night to cast a love spell.

Then today I saw photos of crush-boy on his website. I'm not telling who he is or what the url is. I'm keeping him secret for now. Tad say's he's funny. Yes he is. He's funny and smart and has beautiful hands. To paraphrase Bridget Jones, "...He's perfect". I am blissful, can you tell? Although Tad did mention that he wasn't gorgeous - actually, what Tad really said was, "You're not into pretty-boys, are you?" No I'm not, but crush-boy is more than just being pretty. He's absolutely IDEAL.

I am so, SO happy. Tonight I could crash and burn, but I don't care right now. I wish all of you have a day like this.

[in my head] *sigh*
[in my ears] 7 Days by Craig David


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