Tuesday, May 20, 2003

I finally bought something off an auction site. A couple of weeks ago, I had posted something about wanting a copy of Revenge of the Baby Sat. Cha posted and suggested that I try Avalon to look for a marked down copy. I went and found that the book had already been bought, but saw that someone was selling a copy of a book I have had trouble finding forever: The God of Small Things by Arundhati Roy. I knew that a new copy is going for around P400, so finding a copy in "very good condition" for P150 was a deal.

Anyway, I got my book today and I am sooo happy. It's in excellent condition and Jasper (the guy who sold me the book) was an extremely nice guy. If you ever have books you want to sell or are looking for good bargains on second hand stuff, go to www.avalon.ph. It's totally worth it.

Oh, and I added a comment-thing to my Alter-blog. Check to see if it's working, please. Thank you.

[in my head] thank you, Cha!
[in my ears] I Fall So Deep by Gary Barlow


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