Saturday, May 03, 2003

And the moral of the story is: Leave home without them. And take your baby niece with you.

My grandmother and my favorite aunt are in town for a few weeks. They came regardless of SARS and scorching heat to see Dominique (the niece). I know I should be all out "aaaaaawwwww" on this because it should be endearing to see four generations of my family's women coming together, but, NO. I will not go awwwww. What I will say is: "Shut up!!! Ang ingay nyo!!!!" They are so loud you would think that they were fire engines responding to a third alarm. It doesn't help any that my niece stays awake forever as long as there are voices and/or sounds around her - I'm blaming her dad, because he spoke to her all the time while she was in the womb. The kid is getting eyebags and I am becoming very, VERY irritable. Exacerbated by the incredible heat that is summer 2003. I draw on my right to move to Antarctica and become an ice cube.

Emer and I have been in the office since 9am. The inhabitants of the ninth floor up until a few minutes ago were Emer, the lobby guard (dog) Shally, 3 custodians (that I know of), and myself. Buti na lang hindi mashadong maginaw ngayon, kung hindi, frozen delight na naman ako.

Things to do next week:
* go summer-bag shopping (BAG. Singular. Just one. Let's see if I can control myself)
* buy Bakit Baligtad Magbasa Ang Pinoy by Bob Ong
* buy The Last Time I Saw Mother by Arlene J. Chai
* get another copy of the Godess' Twisted 3 because Jhie lost my copy
* extort money from my cousin because he owes me

I'm bored and resolved NOT to watch X2.

[in my head] Do I really belong in the 7th level of hell?!?!?
[in my ears] Dangerous Type by Letters to Cleo


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