Saturday, May 31, 2003

Josh Groban and Ethan Zohn. I love them both. Look at them.

See a trend here?

The universe hates me

Look at them. Gorgeous, aren't they? (I sound like Yoda)

Meet Reichen and Chip. They're contestants in this season's Amazing Race - the one reality show that's still alive which I still like. I don't care about what you're going to say about Joe Millionaire, The Bachelor and The Bachelorette. I don't care. They should've named those shows "Who Wants to Show The World That They Have No Pride?" As for Survivor, it ended after Ethan won. Marquesas was such a waste of airtime.

Anyway, back to Reichen and Chip. They're gorgeous. They're educated. They're smart. They're gay. That really wouldn't be much of a problem because that's never stopped me before. But the clincher? They're married. To each other.

While I am single, available, willing, employed AND heterosexual, I can't even get a guy.

The universe is conspiring against me.

[in my head] wahwahwah....
[in my ears] Lady Marmalade by Li'l Kim, Christina Aguilera, Pink and Mya (gay anthem - bweset)

Thursday, May 29, 2003

I love Roxy because:

* I was the first one she called after she found out she got that jaw-dropping NMAT score.
* she calls Jork just to tell me he sounds like Chewbacca first thing in the morning.
* she has never told me that my ideas were stupid and worthless, even when I know that they are.
* she's always on my side.
* she makes her brother play You're Still You on the piano and calls me up to make me listen to him play it, because she knows I love the song.
* when she was studying for the NMAT, she didn't mind that I'd call her in the middle of the night to talk about nothing.

Everyone should have a best friend like her - one who won't mind that your stupid ideas are likely murderous, and who'll put down reviewers for biochemistry because you're on the phone and want to talk about nothing.

And I love my brother because he tried to fix the straps of my flipflops when they broke in the supermarket yesterday. And when they saw that they were beyond mending, he took off his sneakers for me to wear and went off IN HIS SOCKS to get me a new pair of flipflops so I wouldn't look funny.

[in my head] life is good. you should get one.
[in my ears] So Help Me Girl by Gary Barlow

Tuesday, May 27, 2003

Wishing on Another Lucky Star
J.D. Souther

Your friends may lie
The truth can come from strangers
If I knew why,
We wouldn't be in this danger
Leaning out the window of my car
And wishing on another lucky star.

Life is long
It is not made to measure
You will go on
The same in pain and pleasure
Wondering how we ever got this far...
By wishing on another lucky star.

Life goes on
As sure as the sky
It's come and gone
In the wink of an eye
You leave your home
On the wings of a lie:
You will never die.

The world is cold
The heart gets torn and tattered
The one you hold
It can be dropped and shattered
Leaning out the window of my car
And wishing on another lucky star.

Because the song is so beautiful, and the movie where it was taken from was so beautiful and just held me in awe on so many levels. Thank you to to Lubbo (is that your real name?) for posting the song on your site. And for letting me find it.

I smile like this a lot (sans braces, of course). Just not so often anymore.

big grin
Big Grin; :-D applaud my award-winning smile

This quiz was made by Sara (www.saradover.com)

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[in my head]another one bites the dust
[in my ears] Drops of Jupiter by Train

Saturday, May 24, 2003

1. If you could ask anybody in the world one question, who would it be to and what would you ask?
I'd want to talk to my paternal grandfather, and ask him if he was proud of me.

2. Who is the most famous person you have met?
I met Nelson Mandela when he came to the Philippines. I was an usher at the event where UP Manila awarded him an honorary doctorate. He was very kind - like an extremely indulgent grandfather.

Thank you to Daily Double.....

Badminton :: Shuttlecock
Obsessive compulsive :: Abnormal psych
Prosthetics :: Fake
Sophistication :: Chandelier
Hiphop :: Saggy-ass jeans
Stammering :: Porky Pig
Property taxes :: BIR
Lowrider :: Earl Grey
Blowtorch :: Fire
Formality :: Fine dining

and to Unconscious Mutterings

Today is such a waste. If you want your fill of my bile, go and see my alter-blog.

[in my head] sleep...glorious sleep
[in my ears] Beauty on the Fire by Natalie Imbruglia

Thursday, May 22, 2003

Excuse me. I need to get this out of my system.

The summer sun has come to stay,
Bikinis, tans, outrageous legs,
They're all retarded and they all look the same,
And barbie's body is melting down,
On her face a big fat frown,
'cause Mr. Cellulite just moved into town.

Well me and B we hate supermodels,
It's not that we know anyone personally,
It's just that I'm tired of being compared.

The boys they come here,
With expectations for the summer,
And I refuse to take any part of this barbaric ritual,
'cause God has given me a mind,
That I will use from time to time,
And I got more on my head,
Than what's made by Paul Mitchell.

Was it worth the tears you cried...
to fit the size?

Think it over once or twice,
What lasts the longest in this life,
Character, or rock hard thighs?
And in the end do you believe,
That beauty lies in what you see?
'cause if you do, then baby
You´ve been deceived.

Kendall Payne

Tuesday, May 20, 2003

I finally bought something off an auction site. A couple of weeks ago, I had posted something about wanting a copy of Revenge of the Baby Sat. Cha posted and suggested that I try Avalon to look for a marked down copy. I went and found that the book had already been bought, but saw that someone was selling a copy of a book I have had trouble finding forever: The God of Small Things by Arundhati Roy. I knew that a new copy is going for around P400, so finding a copy in "very good condition" for P150 was a deal.

Anyway, I got my book today and I am sooo happy. It's in excellent condition and Jasper (the guy who sold me the book) was an extremely nice guy. If you ever have books you want to sell or are looking for good bargains on second hand stuff, go to www.avalon.ph. It's totally worth it.

Oh, and I added a comment-thing to my Alter-blog. Check to see if it's working, please. Thank you.

[in my head] thank you, Cha!
[in my ears] I Fall So Deep by Gary Barlow

Sunday, May 18, 2003

I've received e-mails from non-Pinoy folk who read my blog and ask who Jessica Zafra is. I told them that she's a Filipino writer. And they ask for where they can find her work. I tell them to go to google and ask, because google knows everything. They're tamad, so for their benefit and for my sanity, may I redirect you to here. It's not the official site, I think that was taken down already. But there are samples of her work there. I especially like The Daze of Whine and Neuroses.

Oh and I came across Jay's blog quite by accident. His blog is called "kwentong tambay" and as soon as I can find my brain, I'm going to translate that into english. It's fun; he's a good writer and his entires make me want to write entries only in tagalog. Pero nakakatakot ako magsulat sa tagalog e. Baka ikahiya pa ako ng tatay ko. Jay's a Filipino living in Singapore and can relate to most of what he says. Especially the stories about the train experices in the morning and the missing "R". Does this mean I want to go back and live in Singapore? Hell no.

Saturday, May 17, 2003

I had a three-hour lunch with tita Cecile and Monique yesterday at Cravings in Katipunan and felt very continental. I always thought that extremely long lunches were only for the French and Spanish - and then I had one yesterday and just felt glorious. The food was excellent (Cravings had a sun dried tomato-basil-onion-garlic-olive oil spread that was just heavenly), the company was perfect, the conversation was heavenly and the air-conditioning was bliss. I've heard people say that the ultimate perfect experience was a day of pampering at the spa, but I beg to differ. Spend a loooong lunch with 2 people who just float your boat and feel all the tension and worries melt away.

After that lunch, it was off to the mall because my tita had errands to run. I ended up at the "unmentionables" section of SM and picked out a load of new knickers. I told Tricia how many pairs I bought and she couldn't believe it. Neither can I actually, but ladies, agree with me when I say that part of the fun of being female is that our undergarments are much, MUCH more interesting than those of the male species.

The day was topped off perfectly by the moon last night. Did anyone notice it? The moon was unusually bright last night. Midnight looked like it was nearer to daybreak. I had an espcially good view, because at this time of the year, the moon drapes herself directly over my bedroom window. If I were still practicing, I would say that last night would have been the perfect night to cast a love spell.

Then today I saw photos of crush-boy on his website. I'm not telling who he is or what the url is. I'm keeping him secret for now. Tad say's he's funny. Yes he is. He's funny and smart and has beautiful hands. To paraphrase Bridget Jones, "...He's perfect". I am blissful, can you tell? Although Tad did mention that he wasn't gorgeous - actually, what Tad really said was, "You're not into pretty-boys, are you?" No I'm not, but crush-boy is more than just being pretty. He's absolutely IDEAL.

I am so, SO happy. Tonight I could crash and burn, but I don't care right now. I wish all of you have a day like this.

[in my head] *sigh*
[in my ears] 7 Days by Craig David

Thursday, May 15, 2003

Hooray for my boss because he posted this:

I hate that Dove commercial on TV. It's the one with the fat girl. I'm not exactly sure what she said exactly so please do correct me, but I think it's something like "ang taba-taba ko nga, ang pangit ko pa." What vales are they teaching our society - that fat women virtually have zero chances of landing on a guy if they're ugly, too? What a bunch of crap!

It's such a nice-guy thing to say.

[in my head] no, no, NOOOOOO! say it ain't so!!
[in my ears] It's Oh So Quiet by Bjork

Tuesday, May 13, 2003


Dominique...my punk rock baby niece.

Saturday, May 10, 2003

This story made my skin crawl when I first read it. Because it was caused by sheer kayabangan and another reason is because my sister could have easily been in that accident.

A few days (or maybe weeks) after the incident, this was posted on the UP Diliman website.

What appalls me is the las paragraph:
Richard Ong's parents want to correct the rumors that they are an affluent family; that they have relatives in the police or military and that they intend to send their son abroad to escape responsibility. Both parents work in middle management of two local banks. The BMW is registered in the name of Atty. Ma. Leichelle Bonifacio, a cousin of Richard Ong. According to the mother, at the time of the incident the brother of the registered owner, Dick Kenneth Soriano, only let Richard Ong at the wheel. None of their children has their own cars. The cars driven by the parents are registered in the name of the banks under a car plan scheme. The mother had to raise money from relatives and buy off her car from the bank in order to sell it a day before Gwen Puyat and Meryl Antonio were discharged from St. Luke's so she could pay the 50% cash required by the hospital. The hospital refused to give them a discount for the little less than P800,000.00-bill because of the rumor that "General ang ama ng nakabanga."

Am I supposed to be comforted by those facts? That they weren't given a discount? That they had to sell their cars? That Richard Ong's family wasn't wealthy and was only from a middle-class family?


Your son is a murderer.

And what I find really disgusting is the fact that Mr. Ong's family will be able to bounce back from this, primarily because they have the means to. Resources will be available to them, and even if he serves the maximum jail time, he will be out in just six years.

Precious' family will have to live not only without her presence, but also without the hope her UP education would have afforded for them.

Tell me, dapat ba akong maawa?

I got myself a slambook. Since you luuuuuurve me, sign it.

Take My Quiz!

[in my ears] Better Man by Robbie Williams

Thursday, May 08, 2003

Vikki asked what things I had on my Lust list. I have a lot actually, but these rate high right now:

** this and this from Victoria's Secret
** Harry Potter book 5
** The soundtrack to Permanent Record
** Calvin and Hobbes' Revenge of the Baby-Sat
** a Segway Human Transporter
** him

There's actually more, but surprisingly enough only these come to mind at the moment.

Thank you Pauline and Tricia. I love you, both.

[in my head]
[in my ears] Claudine Barretto cussing on air!!!

Tuesday, May 06, 2003

Excuse me, I don't feel very chipper today. I haven't felt chipper for a few days now. What I would really love to happen right now is to be given a one way ticket to Ireland so I can dangle my feet off the nearest foggy cliff. I'm not sure how safe that is, but I really don't care.

Why do I get the feeling that I'm being pimped all of a sudden?

[in my head] Yep. I do belong in the 7th level of hell.
[in my ears] Pure Shores by All Saints

High on the lust list:

Saturday, May 03, 2003

And the moral of the story is: Leave home without them. And take your baby niece with you.

My grandmother and my favorite aunt are in town for a few weeks. They came regardless of SARS and scorching heat to see Dominique (the niece). I know I should be all out "aaaaaawwwww" on this because it should be endearing to see four generations of my family's women coming together, but, NO. I will not go awwwww. What I will say is: "Shut up!!! Ang ingay nyo!!!!" They are so loud you would think that they were fire engines responding to a third alarm. It doesn't help any that my niece stays awake forever as long as there are voices and/or sounds around her - I'm blaming her dad, because he spoke to her all the time while she was in the womb. The kid is getting eyebags and I am becoming very, VERY irritable. Exacerbated by the incredible heat that is summer 2003. I draw on my right to move to Antarctica and become an ice cube.

Emer and I have been in the office since 9am. The inhabitants of the ninth floor up until a few minutes ago were Emer, the lobby guard (dog) Shally, 3 custodians (that I know of), and myself. Buti na lang hindi mashadong maginaw ngayon, kung hindi, frozen delight na naman ako.

Things to do next week:
* go summer-bag shopping (BAG. Singular. Just one. Let's see if I can control myself)
* buy Bakit Baligtad Magbasa Ang Pinoy by Bob Ong
* buy The Last Time I Saw Mother by Arlene J. Chai
* get another copy of the Godess' Twisted 3 because Jhie lost my copy
* extort money from my cousin because he owes me

I'm bored and resolved NOT to watch X2.

[in my head] Do I really belong in the 7th level of hell?!?!?
[in my ears] Dangerous Type by Letters to Cleo

Thursday, May 01, 2003

There's a new popularity contest on the web. It tells you just how many people love your blog by linking you. I'm pretty OK...This blog is linked by 12 Inbound Blogs, 13 Inbound Links (dunno what that means). The clincher is that they're all people I know or by people whose blogs I read. How cool would it be if I were linked by some unknown individual just because?

Go check it out, you just may find the blog of that creepy guy (or girl, for the sake of being PC) who keeps on giving you the-not-good-kind of goosebumps whenever you see him in the hall. Posthaste!

Another discovery today: did you know that there's actually a website that honors Filipino bloggers? Check out the website.

I took out Squawkbox because it's being stupid and keeps on redirecting me. BlogOut is my new friend.

I saw Sixteen Candles on HBO - not the entire movie. Just the wedding scene and what came after that. I love John Hughes' movies. And Michael Schoeffling? *swoon*

I hate Squawkbox.

[in my head] i miss my bed
[in my ears] Mr. Pinstripe Suit by Big Bad Voodoo Daddy