Sunday, April 06, 2003

Things that happened last night:

Watched Sleeping Beauty on the Disney Channel last night. Malificent made me shudder. If I were to be any Disney villain/ess, I'd want to be Malificent.

Ended up texting with Tricia until waaaay late. My right thumb is now my most used body part. Found out a lot about her and she about me. I think I'd better begin bribing her because she may just turn on me. But then again, I know stuff about her so I think we're calling it even for now.

You want to know what's worse than a hot night? A hot night with nothing good on cable. sheesh. If you want to lose interest in television - get cable. Even Animal Planet couldn't keep me occupied. Usually, when I turn on that channel, I stand in front of my TV and stare at hours upon hours of crocodiles, penguins and snakes - but for some reason, Dr. Brady Barr, Jeff Corwin and Steve Irwin were blah.

Oh, and I put on my ballet slippers for the first time in 12 years last night. Tried to do an arabesque. Failed. Fell on my face. ouch.

Finally beginning to think that I've learned HTML. But that could just be me. I'm very good at deluding myself.

Pau's in Boracay. What is it with people scuttling off to the beach at the merest hint of warm weather? ick. Shouldn't we all want to go to somewhere cooler? Like Australia? Or Switzerland? I don't like the beach - which comes at my detrement becuse I live in an archipelago. I think it comes from the fact that I can't swim.

And another thing, can't they put up an age limit on wannabe boybands? I saw this horrible video of the Robertson Brothers on MYX this morning....it was creepy. They looked like they were 30 and still had the boyband thing going on. Now, I would be the LAST person to dash the dreams of others, but please....if you're in your 30s and want to be in the music industry, do me a favor. DON'T GET TOGETHER WITH YOUR FRIENDS WHO ARE THE SAME AGE AS YOU AND FORM A BOYBAND. It smacks of pedophelia. And speaking of grown men shimmying - what's with The Wiggles? The guy with the sideburns is scary.

Summer beater tip of the day: Shower with moisturizing shower gel so you won't have to put on (ick) lotion. Then dredge yourself liberally with J&J Lavander and Chamomile baby powder. Then spray yourself with JBC regular. aaaaahhhhhh.....


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