Wednesday, April 30, 2003

Tanong lang. How long has Dawson's Creek been running? 5 years? Then why the HELL do Joey and Dawson keep running after each other at train stations and/or bridges and/or airports just to say "don't go"? Nyeeeeeta naman o.

Even the local teen-dramas in the PI are better than that. At least here, someone gets plotted against by the other girl who has a crush on the boyfriend of the terminally nice heroine, who ends up being kidnapped and then rescued by the crush-boy only that the CB gets shot by the kidnapper who actually has a crush on the TNH but only kidnapped TNH because the OT brainwashed him. Tapos now, TNH and CB are supposed to get married but TNH is having second thoughts (after 5 seasons!!!!) because she was played false before. YAN ang plot! YAN ang drama! Suspension of disbelief talaga! Dawson's Creek has nothing on the scriptwriting skills of the people behind Tabing Ilog.

I don't watch TI. I only see it on the afternoons where I'm in the office and we're having merienda in the cafeteria. In between bites I ask Meryl, "Sino si _____? Anong nangyari sa kanya? Bakit sha aalis? O. Sino naman yan? Asan na si _____?" It's the same thing with those telenovelas everyone around me is so into. In college I remember being so hooked on "La Usurpadora" and "Maria Isabel" - not because they had original plots, but because those guys were cute. Sabi nga ni soulmate: God bless Mexico! Maybe the writers of DC should come over here and take workshops para naman bago mag-end yung baduy na series nila, tumabo naman ang ratings. Susmaryosep talaga!

Ah. Theory to the DC thing. Baka naman it's the prequel to My Best Friend's Wedding. Di ba after the scene at the train station, everything went downhill? Ganon din sa DC. After Joey ran to Dawson the second time, I was tempted to sue. They should just change the theme of the entire thing and just name it Pacey. He has the most personality anyway. Dawson looks like Glenn Close.

I love tagalog. Nothing beats the language when it comes to insulting things.

Another thing, coming down from valium is not fun. I took some last night due to migraines and slept wonderfully. I woke up this morning and felt like I was underwater. I am so depressed it's not even funny. And it's not the depression that makes me do wonderful, creative things. I'm just sitting here like a rock. And it can't be cured by something from Sucre. esh.

I came across Sarah's April 28th entry and laughed myself hoarse. True. Very, very true

[in my head] DC stopped being interesting after Kevin Williamson left
[in my ears] Speak by Nickel Creek


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