Monday, April 14, 2003

Plans for the summer:

1. Tagaytay
2. Batangas
3. Puerto Azul
4. Pansol
(Guess what I'm rooting for? )

Told the boss about this before and he agreed. I don't know how agreebale he'll be after the holy week. Speaking of the holy week, I'm off Maundy Thursday and Good Friday (whee!), then back again on Black Saturday - told my da about it and he didn't blow his top! I'm still amazed. I have an extremely nervous father.

Was supposed to go to Divisoria tomorrow but, due to Heidi's personal crisis, it's shelved. Friends over shopping any day. Buti na lang, I need to save anyway.

[in my head] save, save, save!
[in my ears] I Quit by Hepburn

Happy Summer everyone. Try not to get too toasted.


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