Wednesday, April 02, 2003

It just came to my attention that more people read this blog that I had initially thought. hmmm...Is that a good thing? Does it justify a print run? Morever, do I care?

I was thinking about something I told Tricia last week. I'm not really comfortable about putting the entire issue here because it involves a group of people that certain individuals in my circle feel strongly about. And as members of my circle read this blog, I'd rather not cause friction as of yet. Dadating din tayo jan. But really, in retrospect, what they did was unnerving. And although I think nothing of it and it seriously doesn't affect how I feel about what they put out, it places huge doubts as to how sincere they really are. Something's rotten in the state of Denmark.....

Seriously thinking of quitting this job. I love it and it gives me wonderful perks, but to paraphrase someone - self-fulfillment crap aside, I need to earn a living.

I need to put this down before I forget again:

The greatest challenge of friendship, to me at least, has always been faith. Not faith in your friends - in which case is always a given; you always hold your friends in esteem - but rather faith in yourself. You consider yourself capable of moving mountains for people you call friends.
I don't know if I've moved or nudged any mountains (or molehills) for my friends, but they've always pushed the greatest geological protrusions out of the way for me.
To these women and to one very special man - people whom I am proud to call friends - my gratitude.
To Roxy who is my rock - BFF...anything and everything for you.

[mood] currently ok....might change later. we'll see.
[mental turntable] Bring Me To Life by Evanescence

PS. Blogger is good for dieting. I forget to eat when I'm doing this. I hope to be doing this until next month so I'll lose weight and snag the guy. HAHAHAHA! I'm serious.


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