Saturday, April 19, 2003

"I'm So Glad I'm Not You" is one bloggers' title for his/her weblog. I couldn't have said it better myself. I didn't get to take down the URL before I stupidly entered mine, so I'll just chalk it up to the universe telling me things. Someone check if the moon is still orbiting the earth because I'm actually listening to the cosmos today - more often than not, I ask for a second transmission.

I woke up today reminded by something Samantha (of S&TC - one of the voices in my head) said in season 3: "It's time to start drinking heavily". A-MEN. Alcohol begets denial, I always say. Not my favorite defense mechanism, but it'll do in a pinch. Although it's much more fun to see your friends get wasted. The drunker the friend, the looser the lips. Hand me the camera...

In the spirit of bacchanalian delights, let's run down the list of hedonistic pleasures I've participated in the past few years. Nicotine: 4 years, then I quit cold turkey - not even tempted now. Alcohol: still do sometimes. I just don't like that my mouth tastes like a sewer afterwards. Weed: a looooong time ago. Screwed with my braincells so that ended as quickly as it began. I like my triple-digit, IQ, thank you very much.

** Lucky Manzano doing MYX. Someone tell this child that commentators on TV are supposed to say words, not eat them. Enroll him in the Tina Monzon-Palma School of Elocution, please. If he flunks, just make him sit on a chair and make him look pretty. I have no patience with people who mispronounce their words. And I refuse to call him Luis. The name is too dignified. Lucky suits him just fine. **

I was supposed to put down something that has caused much discussion between a couple of friends and I (well, 3 friends actually - Tricia, RapRap and Phoebe. But if 2 friends is a "couple", what are 3 friends? A triple? English and/or Linguistics majors, help, please), I even had reference material! Something written by someone from La Salle a few years ago....but as my organizational skills have been suspiciously on hiatus for the past couple of weeks, I will leave that for some other time and just vent. A cleen spleen's the only way to go. It is, after all semana santa, and confession is good for your soul - if you believe you have no soul (ahem, Tricia), your complexion then.

** Which is the best Pinoy Rock-Rap Act (whatever, I wasn't paying attention) promo on MYX (I'm in the office, which explains all the shameless plugging). Then the rundown on all the nominees. Who are these guys? Oh I get it. They belong to the "If You Can't Dazzle Them With Artistry, Drown Them With Noise" School of Music (another quote from my Godess, Jessica Zafra). Whatever. Give me Parokya Ni Edgar over these guys anyday. At least they're fun - and they make fun of themselves. Plus, Buhawi likes Paula Cole's Me. **

There's nothing much to do in the Metro come Maundy Thursday is there? Well, if you're in the mood for burning dinosaur by-products, you can always go cruising along the flyovers on EDSA. Speaking of cruising, you want to know what one of my biggest ambitions in life is? A convertible (preferably red) at 110, the entire length of San Juanico bridge, and Pearl Jam's Evenflow at top volume. woo-hoo!! I've heard that submarines pass in the body of water that the San Juanico spans....I do hope that when I finally get around to doing this, they pick up on my music. Lord knows those sailors could do with more varied forms of entertainment. ** I wonder what the inside of a submarine smells like when they're all nervous? **

It just occured to me that Jessica Zafra's old page (www.twisted.com.ph) is no more. Even Flip doesn't have it's own page. Furthermore, my squawkbox and the bubble thing on my page aren't working. Could it be because blogskins.com is moving? hmmmm........

Long blog today.....will probably be added on to later.

[in my head] mmmm....Vanilla Coke
[in my ears] Love Is Here To Stay by Dingdong Avanzado (TV's still on MYX)


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