Wednesday, April 23, 2003

I was running across my list of linked blogs today and looking through their comments page and then I saw Steve's blog through Sarah's (are you following me?). Damn if this guy doesn't own the funniest and most interesting blog I've ever come across. Read his entry titled "Ten Things I Hate About Julia Stiles" and see if it doesn't make you laugh.

There was also this bit about him meeting up with an ex after three (?) years. I'm the last person in the world to be talking about love right about now, but it's heartening to see that guys feel the same about past relationships as girls do. Well, him at least. And another guy who will remain nameless for now. And to put that out into the world - it's like hanging up your soul on a clothesline and waiting for public ridicule to come along.

I wanted to comment but I chickened out.

OK, so I'm listening to SS for the bazillionth time. I can't help it. All the (admittedly, overplayed) songs still ellicit the same feelings. Ok, so I was part of the tropical cyclone that was here earlier this month and which followed them around, and I'm not ashamed of that. If I were a fan of someone who was talented but ill-mannered (read: Jewel), I'd be mortified, but they were nice guys. I don't know why I'm even justifying this. I know of someone who could listen to All I Have all day long. Don't even get me started on Jennifer Lopez....

I spent last night crying while texting BFF and Tricia. I could go on and on about what was sent through SMS, but as the fear of being overly lachrymose threatens again, I will just say that it was about broken promises. ** I can almost hear I Can't Make You Love Me being played in the background. **

Nina's video was just played on the channel. When I first heard this song, I thought the title was "Palakang Baliw". I went: "What the hell?! That's a horrible title!" Then I heard it again and went: "Aaaah. Para Kang Baliw." and believed that it was what it was called. Just a few days ago, Heidi told me that it was actually "Second Floor". What do I care?

I read my boss' blog today and saw that he still addresses me by my handle. Funny. It took several months before he actually knew my name.

** As there are too many thoughts inside my head, I will stop now. See you all tomorrow. If I don't cry myself into dehydration tonight. **

[in my head] oh, help....
[in my ears] Toe The Line by Stephen Speaks


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