Friday, April 25, 2003

I was reading the Manila Standard yesterday evening and came across Karenina Yaptinchay's column, Singles. The first few paragraphs of yesterday's column hit like the proverbial ton of bricks between the eyes.

"The problem with trying to find happiness as a single person is that you would find yourself being pulled by two opposite forces.

One force makes you hope that one day, you would find the person you would love for the rest of your life. The other tells you to get real and live with the statistical fact that there is a possibility, the remoteness of which depends on circumstances surrounding you, of a whole life of singlehood.

Both forces are pulling so hard they can actually tear into a million pieces. They each represent distinct possibilities we all must learn to live with."

I came a cross a similar essay written by a student from DLSU for their annual literary portfolio ("Runaway" it was called) through my sister who gave me the book and told me, "Ate, read this. She could be you." I did, and I remember being so struck by it that after reading the essay I couldn't even react to what was written down. How can someone, in a few paragraphs, capture all the knotted feelings you've been harboring? It felt good to finally have someone feel the same way you do. My sister was right, she and I could have been the same person.

[in my head] he'd better like it!
[in my ears] Thank You by Dido


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