Tuesday, April 08, 2003

I should start a head-count as to how many people I've converted to blogging

I'm contagious. Stephen Speaks, Nickel Creek (Raprap turned me on to them and I played it non-stop here, so now the channel has the video. Tee-hee!), now blogging. There's a career in this. I could potentially rule the world!!! (thunder! lightning!)

I just came from this braincell-killing meeting on taxes. Yes, ladies and gentlemen - and every gender in between - I am officially an adult. I have to, am obliged, gotta-do-it-because-if-I-don't-they-will-haul-my-ass-off-to-jail pay taxes. And I can't hide because I have a little laminated card that proves, without a doubt, that I am in the government's mainframe. I hate it. It means that if I commit a crime, I will be prosecuted with extreme prejudice. Of course I live in the PI so I don't know how harsh that'll be. Ok, I just have to add: if they catch me.

I'm team leader which means I have to explain what we have to do. I understood nothing, which indicates the BIR will be cheated out of revenues this year.

Pau's back from Boracay. I wonder how lobster-y she is. And I just have to say that after last night's convo with Thorpe, I am much, much more enlightened about her persona. I like this girl - she doesn't give BS which is amazingly rare in anyone. My boss thinks she's cool as well.

[in my head]
[in my ears] Creep by STP

PS. Ginger, I'm sorry dahil ginutom kita. Pero hindi ako sorry na nag-blog ako. bleh. INGGIT KA LANG KASI HINDI MO MAAYOS YUNG SA IYO!


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