Wednesday, April 09, 2003

I hate taxes. They make me think of growing up. I'll get to that eventually, but not now.....please.

I hate, hate, hate them with a passion.

Why do I have to do paperwork for it anyway? Why don't they just give me a slip of paper that tells me how much I owe them? I won't argue.

...will be revised when I've screwed my head back on...

1. What if you could live inside of any book?
* I would want to be Dolores from She's Come Undone. She redeemed herself.
2. What if you could live inside of any movie?
* Annie. Yep. That Annie. When I was younger I wished I were an orphan so I could be Annie
3. What if you could be any one person from history?
* Joan of Arc - I get to tell men what to do what I want them to and I could claim that the voices in my head were real and be declared a saint. I'd skip the burning at the stake part, though.
4. What if you could have lived during any one time in history?
* I'd want to relive the past 5 years over again.
5. What if you could write your own life -- how would it go?
* I'd get someone else to write about me. Autobiographies are too pompous.

[in my head]
[in my ears] The Prayer by Charlotte Church and Josh Groban


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