Monday, April 21, 2003

I got home before 9pm for the first time weeks last night wanting to watch "Josie and the Pussycats" on Star World . I got home and began reading the paper to kill time before the movie started, when the I saw the ad for my Joshie's televised concert performance. One sentence came to mind: Oh, my God!

How could I have completely forgotten about it?

But I really wanted to watch Rachel Leigh Cook flaunt her cat ears so I watched the movie on Star World and switched the channel to 23 as soon as it ended (I'm still singing when you're happy and you know it...in my head as I write this). Good thing too, because as soon as I did Ethel began the text barrage on my Joshie. It went this way:

Ethel: Nakaktunaw talga boses nya Pai.
Me:I know. Hindi na sha mukhang kawawa dito. He looks so sexy here.
E: I agree.
** Joshie sings (swoon). And after some time Joshie introduces the musicians... **
Me: The bald guy is cute. (noticing that he changed into a black sweater vest with a white shirt underneath) eeep! Mukha shang waiter.
E: True. I liked the black shirt better.
Me: I liked the burgundy/wine colored one. And for the record, I would not trade in his curls for the most gorgeous bald guy in the world.
** Joshie sings again (I begin crying just aboout now) **
Me: OMG, Eth! Don't tell me he already sang To Where You Are?!
E: Yep. Nung umpisa.
Me: OMG, even Alejate?!?!?!
E: Yep. You didn't see it?
Me: Nooooo! I was watching Josie and the Pussycats. Now I'm really gonna have to buy the CD/VCD package...
E: Dang! I wanted to watch that too!
Me: Don't worry, they'll be showing it again tomorrow at 1:30pm (notices a violin playing lady gryrating on a platform behind my Joshie) WHO IS THAT MALANDING BABAE?!?!?
E: Oooh, white shirt again....
Me: Lili Haydn pala ha!? Another person to add to my "to kill" list...
E: Pai, nakakatakot ka! In fairness, she plays the violin well...
Me: Oweno ngayon?! Can she play the sax?!
** For the record I can't play the sax either, but it just felt like it would be a good comeback. **
Andrea Corr begins singing with my Joshie...
E: O, kaya mo yan? Andrea Corr...
Me: Yan?! E hindi naman maganda yung babaeng yan e. Magaling lang yung make-up artist nya.
E: You saw her na?
Me: No. But someone I know interviewed her and I asked if all of the girls in the band were as pretty in person and he said: "Make-up is a wonderful thing". Tee-hee.
Joshie sings The Prayer with Angie Stone. Ethel notices the intro Joshie gave.
E: A big...............HEART. hehehehe.....
Me: Lintek! Kung yan lang pala ang hanap ng lalakeng yan, andito naman ako a! Pero, in fairness, magaling si Ms. Stone.
E: You've heard her other songs?
Me: Yep. I have a friend who's a big fan.
E: Makapagdownload nga.
Me: You do know that this convo is going to end up on my blog, don't you? BOTH OF THEM....
E: Then it's a good thing I edited when I did.
Me: hehehe. I would have censored it.
Then the concert ends....
E: Tapos na? Now I'm really gonna have to buy this package...
Me: Yep. The concert's finished.
After some more texting....
E: Ok, good night now. I'll see you online tomorrow.
Me: Sure thing. I'm gonna enjoy my Joshie now....
E: Say goodnight for me. Kiss him goodnight for me. ;)
Me: Over na yung kiss, wag na yun....
And then I get a text from Roxanne:
BFF: OMG! I completely forgot about Joshie's concert!!!
And then of course we started all over again....

[in my head] ...when you're happy and you know it, clap your hands...
[in my ears] Pretend To Be Nice by Josie and the Pussycats


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