Tuesday, April 15, 2003

Conversation with Jelica about my current blog obsession
(I say current because I'm hoping it's going to pass)

jelica_c1c: bag-blurty ka na rin! lol
jelica_c1c: livejournal
jelica_c1c: at un ke ***
thursdayschildtoo: yoko!
thursdayschildtoo: tama na yung 2!
jelica_c1c: ujournal ba un..?
jelica_c1c: lol!!!
thursdayschildtoo: gusto ko pa nga isa pang diaryland account...may nakita akong lilo and stitch na template...cuuuute!
jelica_c1c: ooooh! stiiiiiiitch!!!
thursdayschildtoo: akin yon. wag ka na
jelica_c1c: lol tatlo2 na journal mo
thursdayschildtoo: sino kamukha ni maleficent?
jelica_c1c: lol gaga
thursdayschildtoo: sino???
jelica_c1c: si ****y??
thursdayschildtoo: hahahaha!!!!
thursdayschildtoo: sabi ko pa naman idol ko si maleficent....nagyon. parang ayoko na. bweset ka
jelica_c1c: sha lang naisip ko e lol! hahahha
jelica_c1c: o sige sige na lang ako ang ibang lookalike nya
thursdayschildtoo: lalong ayoko
thursdayschildtoo: ayawan na to
jelica_c1c: hahahhaa!! wag naman!
thursdayschildtoo: may nakita nga ako JM na template - nasabi ko tuloy kay owi
jelica_c1c: lol!! buhay pa ba ung blog ni owi?
thursdayschildtoo: hindi ko nga alam e
(She left after the last sentence. )

I'm trying to make people think I can speak French. It's fun.

[in my head] not hungry. nothing's painful. i'm not sad. AM I DEAD?!
[in my ears] Murder on the Dancefloor by Sophie Ellis Bextor


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