Sunday, March 23, 2003

What's happening today....

Checking out a singles site and I just saw the most incredible guy. He looked like he belonged on the cover of a romance novel....I sent in a response to his ad. No expectations of course. I'm through with being hopeful. No point in getting all worked up over something useless, right?

I just got out of a really harrowing relationship. And the word relationship in this case is very loosely - I treated it seriously and he didn't. I think the word "love" was even used a few times, but it was always initiated by yours truly. I should've taken the hint from there and just run in the opposite direction, but I didn't. See, when you're blinded by overwhelming infatuation you really can't think straight. You're so blinded about the prospect of what could be with the other person that you think the world is a shiny, happy place. Then of course some redneck had the audacity to declare war. sheesh.

I keep thinking, at what point does the world recognize that only people who are beautiful have the right to fall in love and have their happily-ever-afters? I've been ensnared in this mortal coil for 25 years and have yet to find someone who will walk the ends of the earth for me. I would love to be part of that entire scene. Don't get me wrong, I still don't buy the "you're other half is out there" bullshit. Because think of it this way, what happens if you don't find each other? Regardless of your efforts to find him/her of course. Because let's face it, you have to work hard for something that's gonig to be worth keeping, right? If you don't find The One, what happens then? Do you live half a life? Do you love people by halves? And what about the empty half of you? Does it wither and die? Someone who's in the know, please explain it to me.

[mood] sleepy as hell
[mental turntable] Walkin' On Broken Glass by Annie Lennox


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