Monday, March 24, 2003

tricia042: whachup?
thursdayschildtoo: wala....
there was a pause
thursdayschildtoo: sorry ha..nagchichismisan kami dito e
tricia042: whoops sorry
thursdayschildtoo: what's the unknown bang?
thursdayschildtoo: oks lang
thursdayschildtoo: CUUUUUTE ni mosier!!!
tricia042: kaw ha...
tricia042: i was talking about discovering an unknown band one night..Bang pala ung natype ko.
thursdayschildtoo: pero bata
thursdayschildtoo: kaya unknown bang! hahahaha!
tricia042: ethel liked the name, so.. un, hehehe, "future" band namen, hahaha
tricia042: kawww ha...
tricia042: papuntahin mo na rin cila dito...
thursdayschildtoo: pwedeh!!!!
thursdayschildtoo: i revised my blog...there are tests there...take mo rin
tricia042: hohohoho
tricia042: i'll check it out in a while.
thursdayschildtoo: there's this one test...."is your pussy sweet or sour"
tricia042: eeew
tricia042: yeah...
thursdayschildtoo: mine is sweet
tricia042: aaaaack
thursdayschildtoo: take na kasi....arte mo....raprap took it
tricia042: hahahaha
tricia042: when i read ur blog
tricia042: i just have to send someone some stupid thing
thursdayschildtoo: when?
tricia042: heehee
thursdayschildtoo: what stupid thing?
thursdayschildtoo: sid is cute...pero his head is too big for his body
tricia042: oh boy.
tricia042: hahahahaha
thursdayschildtoo: i'm serious
tricia042: just some sample essays that we're supposed to read.
thursdayschildtoo: look! he has a big head!
thursdayschildtoo: check him out
tricia042: i ignored those essays and did my own thing.
tricia042: ok ok
tricia042: lemme see sid...
thursdayschildtoo: lemme read your stuff!!!!!!!!!!!!
tricia042: it's stupid. i don't even like it.
tricia042: hahahaha
thursdayschildtoo: so? i never like what i write anyway
tricia042: it's really bad. i swear.
tricia042: i've never written anything i liked this year.
thursdayschildtoo: mine's bad too....
thursdayschildtoo: i hated my SS article
tricia042: it's waaaaay decent... compared to mine.
tricia042: (how come ben gets the artsy pic?)
tricia042: owen's bio is so cool.
thursdayschildtoo: thanks for the compliment (friends talaga tayo) pero in hindsight - i went eeeeeeewwwww!
tricia042: hahaha
thursdayschildtoo: who's owen?
tricia042: the other guy heehee. tignan mo, saya
thursdayschildtoo: owen looks like emma thompson in drag
tricia042: what?
thursdayschildtoo: he looks like emma thompson
thursdayschildtoo: if emma were male
tricia042: hahahaha
tricia042: is bowling for soup really good?
thursdayschildtoo: WTH is that?
thursdayschildtoo: excuse me if i'm bitchy tonight
tricia042: band
tricia042: i always hear about them but ive neveer heard any of their songs
thursdayschildtoo: i don't know....i've never heard them
thursdayschildtoo: hey!!! you know nickelcreek di ba?
tricia042: yea yea y?
thursdayschildtoo: my channel - pinoycentral tv - is showing the video of this side
tricia042: oh....
thursdayschildtoo: wala lang....
tricia042: can't get the tv right now. dad's watching, hahahah...
thursdayschildtoo: overstating my importance hehehehehe
tricia042: you can never overstate ur importance.
tricia042: hahahah
thursdayschildtoo: oh yeah
thursdayschildtoo: without me this world is a howling wilderness
thursdayschildtoo: i'm posting this converation in my blog....you better say something interesting
tricia042: what?
tricia042: oh yay, i'm a guest on PIA TONIGHT coolness.
tricia042: hahaha
thursdayschildtoo: oh yeah
thursdayschildtoo: i'm pissed and not in a good way
tricia042: ? at me?
thursdayschildtoo: no. at someone here...so if i don't answer agad...it means she's here an i have to be discreet....
tricia042: hahaha, ok.
thursdayschildtoo: i can't erase this kasi nga i'm putting it up on my blog
tricia042: i still didn't get the email thing for the quiz
tricia042: hahahahaha
thursdayschildtoo: password quiz
thursdayschildtoo: username quiz
tricia042: yeah.
thursdayschildtoo: hehehehe
tricia042: i didn't get that yet
tricia042: u know who becca is?
thursdayschildtoo: you will
thursdayschildtoo: becca is iceq's friend
tricia042: ah...ok.
thursdayschildtoo: she's australian ata. why?
tricia042: i'll enter my other email na lang.
tricia042: she's in the chat...
thursdayschildtoo: inaagaw si badain?
tricia042: hahaha, hey
thursdayschildtoo: who else is in the chat?
tricia042: not every girl i ask about is Dain-related! hahaha! though im gonna ask her just that...
thursdayschildtoo: hahaha! hindi makatiis!!
thursdayschildtoo: there's this telephone from nokia that looks like a Prest
tricia042: Preset?
thursdayschildtoo: Presto
tricia042: Prest? *my typing suchs
thursdayschildtoo: the sapatos from nike
tricia042: ugh. sucks
tricia042: oh yeah.
thursdayschildtoo: look..it looks like the sapatos
thursdayschildtoo: she likes dain
tricia042: yeah. check ur pm. in irc
thursdayschildtoo: tricia, i'm posting this
tricia042: why?
thursdayschildtoo: because i'm pissed and because you're my katukayo
tricia042: take it easy. whoever it is, that person's not worth a frown line on the forhead
thursdayschildtoo: hay nako...posting this.... stop this na


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