Sunday, March 23, 2003

I have this gay friend who just luuuurves polluting my mind with things like these.

I intend on passing on the favor. ENJOY!!

prince charming

Your Guy is Prince Charming!

The man for you is Prince Charming.

You need a sensitive, romantic man who will understand and listen.

You enter into relationships for love and need a committed man who will provide plenty of love and security.

What Guy is Right for *You*?

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Paki-baba ang kilay ko.

Which Sex and the City Vixen Best Matches Your Sex Style?

Jeeeez....I wanted to be Samantha. ROFL!!!

bikini panties

You Are Bikini Panties!

Cute, but conservative.

Girl next door hottie.

What's Kind of Panties Are *You*?

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Cool. I wear these.

I've never had more fun taking online quizzes.
If you happen to stumble upon my blog, do take the quizzes and then tell me how you did, ok?


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